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Here is just a quick upload for today is a pic of Felicia from Darkstalkers everyone's favorite blue haired neko, now quickly to summarize, you may notice some differences i gave her in the pic, i decided to draw her in her design from the American made Darkstalkers cartoon, you know the cartoon that alot of die hard Darkstalkers fans like me hate? Well i actually liked Felicia's cartoon design cause she wasn't so indecently exposed if you know what i mean, plus i gave her a little more fur to make her more "clothed" either way hope you like!

Darkstalkers is owned by Capcom this is just fanart
Morrigan Aensland
Here is something i am sure will get alot of views is a pic of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers, everyone's favorite succubus from Scotland, i am sure people who never played Darkstalkers are familiar with her from Capcom's side games like Marvel vs Capcom not to mention her many noncanon cameos in other Capcom video games, i don't exactly know why she is the most popular character in Darkstalkers,

she's kind of the idol of the game cause she along with the other two most well known faces that have been in Darkstalkers Demitri and Felicia have been in the series since the beginning, even though Darkstalkers, i can tell she already was seen to be the idol of the series especially after i saw the original advertisement for Darkstalkers in 1994 where Morrigan was the only of the characters cosplayed and not CGI in the trailer, though she is the idol of the series i still prefer characters such as Demitri, Jedah, Anakaris, Q-Bee and of course my bae Hsien Ko, anyways hope you like

Morrigan is owned by Capcom this is just fanart
Here's a new Pokemon pic since i haven't uploaded any Pokemon pics in awhile, this time we have my favorite Sun and Moon Pokemon MAREANIE! This little guy is my all time favorite Sun and Moon Pokemon, i love him so much i refuse to make him evolve, that's right i am not making him evolve into Toxapex cause they're must've been something heavy in my chocolate milk, hahaha anyways, words can describe how much i love this adorable starfish Pokemon, he is even cooler then Starmie (yeah i said it sue me)

i even made a OC that's a anthro Mareanie, yeah... anyways if you wanna see me draw that said OC i want to see at least 5-10 favorites on this pic if you want to see it, just mainly cause i have been really busy with alot of artwork lately i really need to catch up so that's why, so no requests or commissions, i am making a rule if you want me to draw something i want a milestone of there being enough favorites on my latest pic before i can consider, hope you like!

Mareanie is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak this is just fanart
Since its been confirmed i am going to get Street Fighter IV for my birthday in a few weeks since i don't have a Xbox One or PS4 to play V on :( (Sad)  i wanted to upload a bit more Street Fighter art pics, this time one of my favorite characters from Street Fighter Alpha series, Birdie, i really am not a fan of his Street Fighter V design almost to the point i almost didn't like him anymore but i still have his Alpha series design to like, so for any Street Fighter Alpha series fans here's a little something i added in,

I might draw either Rose or Charlie also debuted in Alpha series next, but for now here's a pic of Birdie, hope you like!

Street Fighter is owned by Capcom this is just fanart
Underlast Boxer
Here's something i should've uploaded since day 1, a Undertale fanart piece, anyway here's something i had in my mind to draw for awhile, Undyne dressed as a boxer, don't ask me why she is wearing mainly pink just go with it, and btw notice the reference related pun in the title HAR HAR HAR ok calm yourself, but anyways i hope this looks alright i am quite a fan of Undertale itself not really a fan of drawing them so which is why you probably shouldn't expect much Undertale stuff from me so sorry

Undertale is owned by Toby Fox this is just fanart
Just a quick update for ya'll i am making a 2nd account that is for any non art related pics i will post, mostly just gonna be stories made from Stash Writer and stuff of OCs made on the anime avatar creator, just giving a head's up and of the stuff i have now of stories and said OCs i will keep them on this blog just don't expect anymore on this blog, Link:


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I am just your average fan of different random games and cartoons, i will be posting mostly art of but not limited to, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Shantae, Plants vs Zombies, Skullgirls, Darkstalkers and possibly some of my cruddy fanmade stories which i will post on my tablet


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